Valvoline & Cummins Celebrate Partnership Milestone

The brands celebrate 30 years as partners...

Valvoline Global and Cummins Inc. announce a milestone of their longstanding partnership. This year marks the 30th anniversary of collaboration for the world-class brands, as the partnership continues into 2024.

“Our partnership with Cummins is one we’re really proud of. At Valvoline Global, we’ll continue innovating, whether its diesel, natural gas, hydrogen, alternative fuels, fuel cells and future technologies,” said Jamal Muashsher, CEO, Valvoline Global. “Whenever Cummins creates a product, Valvoline will make sure there are lubricants, fluids and sustainable solutions that complement it.”

Valvoline & Cummins Celebrate Partnership Milestone | THE SHOP

Since 1994, Valvoline Global and Cummins have worked to develop products that complement each other. Working as a single team to deliver the best customer value, Cummins designs and builds engines, generators, and power systems, and Valvoline Global creates lubricants and fluid solutions alongside them. 

“Customers can run equipment with maximum efficiency and reliability, perform fewer oil changes over the life of the equipment, resulting in cost savings,” said Tony Satterthwaite, senior vice president of Cummins Inc. “Fleet managers could also see reduced cost of ownership due to product consolidation, increased working capital and reduced risk of incorrect oil-to-engine usage.”

“One of the first results of the partnership was the introduction of Valvoline Premium Blue motor oil, which is still ‘The Only One’ that Cummins endorses,” said Muashsher. “Since its creation, Premium Blue has been innovated for numerous applications that address customers’ needs.”

Valvoline & Cummins Celebrate Partnership Milestone | THE SHOP

Recently, trade publication Heavy Duty Trucking named Premium Blue One Solution Gen2 as one of its top innovative products. The industry-first fuel-agnostic technology is approved for use in multiple heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty engine types, providing extended drain intervals for both diesel and natural gas engine platforms.

“We have an extended partnership in the form of joint ventures to sell and market our products together in emerging markets, delivering fantastic results while supporting customers,” added Satterthwaite. “Our Cummins-Valvoline joint venture in India just celebrated their own 25th Anniversary in 2023.”

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