The Most Common Video Game Cars

The Most Common Video Game Cars | THE SHOPA recent study by determined which cars are most commonly featured in video games.

After analyzing the number of times different makes and models appear in games on the extensive, they can now reveal the most popular cars amongst gamers and gearheads alike.

Ford Crown Victoria Mk2 leads as the most popular car, featured 635 times in video games. Perhaps best known to audiences as the emblematic cop car, it’s in the form of the iconic NYC taxicab that the Crown Vic most frequently shows up, making yellow the most common color for the vehicle in video games. Midnight Club: Street Racing (2000) is the game that this particular Ford is most featured in.

Following close behind is another classic also built by Ford, the Mustang Mk1, as it makes an appearance 545 times in the list of games analyzed. The 1965 model of this signature American motor is the most common, with red being its most likely paint job.

Nissan Skyline Mk1 races into third place. Driven by Paul Walker’s character in the Fast & Furious franchise, the car is not only popular in movies but also in games as it features 440 times.

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