Superformance Offering All-Electric MKIII-E Cobra

For the upcoming 2021 holiday season, Shelby enthusiasts can acquire an electrified metallic blue MKIII-E Cobra EV, Shelby continuation car manufacturer Superformance announced.

Priced at approximately $180,000, the EV Cobras of the four-wheel and two-wheel variety both feature blistering fast acceleration and all the immediate speed that comes with an EV power curve, the company said.

The centerpiece of the new Superformance MKIII-E is a Tesla Model S rear-drive motor punctuated by 1500 pound-feet of torque.

Under the MKIII-E hood is a custom-made battery pack featuring two LG Energy 16-cell units paired in a 32-kWh pack to establish up to 100 miles of range. The engineless MKIII-E drives on a set of sticky 275/35-18 Nitto tires and offers specially tuned regenerative braking to further showcase the benefits of utilizing EV technology in classic vintage automotive designs, the company said.

“EV is becoming increasingly more popular within our cars thanks to a simpler, more powerful driving experience,” comments Superformance CEO Lance Stander. “Historically, Carroll Shelby didn’t live in the past. He always said that the best Shelby is the next one, and Carroll was always researching new technologies. Anything that could provide a performance edge, he was interested in. Without a doubt, our new Superformance MKIII-E is the quickest, quietest snake that we’ve ever made.”

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