SEMA PRO Cup Challenge Calls for Manufacturers

Manufacturers are asked to donate or discount parts for Challenge participants at SEMA 2024…

SEMA’s Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) is looking for PRO manufacturers and suppliers to donate parts or offer parts at a discounted price to applicants in the sixth annual PRO Cup Challenge. It is an opportunity for companies to highlight their products in front of restylers and retailers from around the globe.

The PRO Cup Challenge contestant builds offer an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase new product releases and get additional press coverage outside of their traditional booth at the 2024 SEMA Show at minimal expense, organizers noted.

SEMA PRO Cup Challenge Calls for Manufacturers | THE SHOP

PRO Cup Challenge applicants must comply with the following parameters:

  • Select a common vehicle and install a package of accessories designed to be attractive to a wide range of vehicle buyers that is easily repeatable and profitable for both the restyler and the dealer.
  • Maximum labor hours of 40 hours per package installed.
  • Wholesale cost no more than $12,500 to the dealer
  • Must be present to discuss builds in the PRO Cup Challenge Booth at the 2024 SEMA Show during the PRO Happy Hour from 4-5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Up to six restylers will be selected from applicants to compete in the challenge. If selected, SEMA will provide:

  • Designated exhibit space in the West Hall
  • Help with transportation of vehicle to and from the SEMA Show

To sign up as a manufacturer, click here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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