Report: Over 350,000 Cars Damaged During Hurricane Ian

Report: Over 350,000 Cars Damaged During Hurricane Ian | THE SHOP
Flood-damaged vehicles by state.

According to a new report from CARFAX, the widespread flooding across Florida and the Carolinas in the wake of Hurricane Ian potentially damaged an estimated 358,000 vehicles, the company said.

That number is in addition to the 400,000 water-damaged cars that CARFAX data shows were already on the road in 2022 before Hurricane Ian first made landfall, the company said.

Texas and Florida continue to lead the nation when it comes to the number of flood-damaged cars on the road, but according to CARFAX, these vehicles also show up in states where flooding might not be top of mind for car shoppers.

“We are seeing these flooded cars show up all around the country, putting unsuspecting buyers at risk,” said Emilie Voss, CARFAX spokesperson. “Cosmetically these cars might look great, but if you don’t know what to look for, it’s nearly impossible to tell they are literally rotting from the inside out. Floodwater can cause mechanical, electrical, health and safety issues in a vehicle even if it was submerged for only a short time.”

Following Hurricane Ida last year, New Jersey and New York saw the largest year-over-year percent increases out of all the states, with 68% and 48%, CARFAX said.

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