Race Sport Lighting & MAP Services Corperation Begin Partnership

The strategic partnership will help enforce Minimum Advertised Price policies...

Race Sport Lighting has announced a strategic partnership with MAP Services Corp, a pioneer in enforcing Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies, aimed at preserving Race Sport Lighting’s brand pricing and addressing unauthorized online sales practices.

As the aftermarket industry continues to evolve as brick-and-mortars expand their offerings to their online clientele, Race Sport Lighting remains committed to ensuring that its products are profitable to thousands of dealers across North America, the company stated.

However, the last four years have been challenging to police and enforce MAP as the brand grew in popularity and spread across other countries. To ensure maximum profitability for their resellers, and to enforce a Do Not Sell list, it was clear that the company needed a partner dedicated to servicing this need, according to officials.

By joining forces with MAP Services Corp, Race Sport Lighting aims to implement robust measures to uphold MAP policies and combat unauthorized resellers. MAP Services brings years of expertise and innovative solutions to the table, offering monitoring and enforcement capabilities that will enable Race Sport Lighting to maintain price integrity across distribution channels.

Race Sport Lighting & MAP Services Corperation Begin Partnership | THE SHOP

“Ensuring that our dealers are protected against profit erosion caused by MAP violators is paramount to us,” said Steve Jergensen, president of Race Sport Lighting. “Our partnership with MAP Services underscores our commitment to upholding the integrity of our brand and provide dealers with the exceptional profitability they expect from Race Sport Lighting, whether in store or online. In just two weeks we have witnessed an improved reseller compliance of +20% and have now achieved 95.99% online listing compliance.”

Race Sport Lighting and MAP Services will work closely to identify and address instances of unauthorized selling, MAP violators, and brand misrepresentation across online platforms.  By leveraging advanced monitoring technology and proactive enforcement strategies, the partnership aims to create a cleaner and more transparent online marketplace for Race Sport Lighting’s products.

“We are thrilled to partner with Race Sport Lighting to preserve brand value, profitability for their dealers, and combat online pricing discrepancies,” said Tom Ameduri, director of sales and marketing, MAP Services. “With our combined resources, we are confident that we can effectively safeguard Race Sport Lighting’s brand integrity and enhance the customer experience.”

Race Sport Lighting & MAP Services Corperation Begin Partnership | THE SHOP

The Race Sport Lighting and MAP Services partnership represents a significant step forward in the fight against unauthorized online sales practices and price erosion within the automotive aftermarket industry. By prioritizing brand protection and price integrity, Race Sport Lighting reaffirms its commitment to delivering unparalleled value and innovation to consumers worldwide.

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