Mil-Spec Automotive Unveils M1-R Hummer

Mil-Spec Automotive is launching a new M1 series of bespoke Hummers, the Michigan builder announced. The first Mil-Spec Automotive M1 truck off the line is the M1-R, highlighted by improvements to build quality, performance and materials, the company said, as well as its vintage-inspired design.

“Our goal with the new M1 Series is to present a truly elite classically styled H1 made for modern day driving. Growing up in Detroit, the H1 made such a huge impression on us all as young auto enthusiasts, and our company founders saw a lot of potential in improving vintage Hummers with modern performance and comfort,” comments Mil-Spec Automotive Co-Founder Ian Broekman. “The new M1 series takes the feedback given from our clients and elevates everything up to the next level. The new M1-R has this fantastic retro H1 aesthetic that simultaneously incorporates all these other amazing elements to create a remarkable vehicle that stands all on its own.”

Introduced as Mil-Spec Automotive’s most luxurious build to date, the new M1-R H1 represents thousands of hours of restoration and engineering in the development, the company said, and is characterized by significant engineering improvements to elevate performance.

Performance is enhanced with an engine capable of producing more than 800-horsepower and 1200 lb.-ft. of torque. Off-road performance is improved with six piston brakes, an air locking differential and Rod Hall long travel racing suspension.

Mil-Spec Automotive also upgraded the cabin by completely eliminating all plastic from the vehicle’s custom interior in favor of machined and anodized metals. Mil-Spec Automotive designers also completely reimagined the driver control center of the H1 with a billeted gear selector, electronic gear indicator and electronic parking brake.

The M1-R incorporates an upgraded power selector alongside adjustable climate controls with dual zones. Specially made interior appointments include custom-built sun visors and a billet-machined steering wheel and custom steering column.

The new Mil-Spec Automotive M1-R exterior is highlighted by a bright yellow custom shade adapted from the original H1 Competition Yellow. Mil-Spec Automotive kept the truck’s kevlar coated exterior while adding metallic flake into the paint. The M1-R’s matching interior is highlighted by stitched yellow Nappa leather throughout the cabin supplied by Relicate.

The new Mil-Spec Automotive M1-R is the company’s first H1 made with all available upgradable options fully integrated into the truck. The result is a superb showcase of all the company’s myriad H1 build capabilities. Commissioned at a price of $412,000, Mil-Spec Automotive is thrilled to feature their newest custom rendition of the celebrated H1. Mil-Spec Automotive is accepting build orders for the new M1 series of trucks starting at $299,500.

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