MAHLE Motorsport Achieves Five-Year Perfect Safety Report

THE SHOPThe MAHLE Motorsport division, comprised of 125 employees, was able to achieve a five-year manufacturing record with zero lost time accidents, the company announced. This sought-after work safety achievement was met March 14, 2022, a full 1827 total days since the last recordable injury, and was reported by Brad Green, MAHLE Motorsport’s general manager, the company said.

“This is a tremendous achievement that could only occur by the diligence of our employees to stay situationally aware of their well-being and others,” said Green. “Manufacturing high-performance pistons and rings requires the use of very technical and potentially dangerous equipment. We are very pleased with this milestone and will continue to prioritize workplace safety for this and all departments to ensure the safety of every employee.”

“Safety is a cornerstone of what makes us successful,” said MAHLE Motorsport Application and Design Engineering Manager, Eric Grilliot. “We take great care to make sure there are safe practices and guidelines in place, but the record is a credit to our associates that assume the personal responsibility to improve each and every position on the floor.”

Injuries are tracked at MAHLE Engine Components USA, Inc. by Ralph Williams, environmental health and safety coordinator at MAHLE Industries, Inc. for multiple MAHLE divisions including Assembled Camshafts, Heavy Duty Diesel, Light Vehicle Diesel, Motorsports, Logistics, Quality and Technical Services and Support.

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