Mahindra Wins FCA Trade Dress Ruling

Dec 30, 2020

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has issued its final ruling and determined that the redesigned 2021 ROXOR does not infringe on the “Jeep Trade Dress” claimed by FCA, Mahindra announced. This follows on the heels of earlier ITC and Federal District Court rulings that Mahindra did not infringe on any of FCA’s registered trademarks. The ruling comes after a long-running trade dress dispute between FCA and Mahindra.

The ruling validates Mahindra’s redesign of the ROXOR off-road vehicle. Mahindra is now permitted to manufacture and distribute the redesigned 2021 ROXOR.

“ROXOR was a success from the beginning with off-road enthusiasts and people with active outdoor lifestyles,” stated Rick Haas, President and CEO of Mahindra Automotive North America.  “The vehicle has also proved extremely popular with people who want to work with it – they like that it can withstand the rigors of rugged everyday use. This ‘ruggedness’ was at the heart of the redesign as we wanted an aggressive look that reflected just how tough and capable ROXOR is.”