DeLorean Creates NFT Collection to Celebrate 40th Anniversary

DeLorean Motor Company is celebrating the vehicle’s 40th anniversary by creating a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the company announced.

DMC partnered with street artist MADSTEEZ to create the NFT series of 40 unique DeLorean 1-of-1 NFTs. The collection tells the history of the car via animated 3D NFTs, highlighting notable years with accompanying one-of-a-kind physical items.

In addition to the 40 NFTs, the collection includes 3 special edition NFTs with physical utilities. The highlight of the collection is a Special Edition DeLorean 1-of-1 Anniversary Montage NFT that comes with a fully restored original 1981 DMC-12, the company said.

Other special edition NFTs:

  • The Special Edition: DeLorean ‘The Start of it All’ (1981) NFT will come with a spot on the DeLorean wait list for the DeLorean redux.
  • The Special Edition: DeLorean ‘An Electrifying Future’ (2021) NFT is limited to just 1 edition and comes with a DeLorean x Super 73-S2 motorbike.
  • DeLorean partnered with digital racing game Riot Racers, to deliver two exclusive NFT cars that can be raced within the Riot Racers game, available on both the Special Edition: DMC-12: 2020, and the Special Edition: DeLorean ‘An Electrifying Future’ (2021) + Physical Motor Bike (DeLorean x Super 73-S2).

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