A Daytime Walk Through SEMA Fest

There was plenty to see & do, even while the sun was up...

Early arrivers to SEMA Fest Saturday had plenty to entertain them, even if it was several hours before musical headliners like Imagine Dragons and AJR were set to take the stage.

From performances by up-and-coming bands to demonstrations by groups including Nitro Circus, Hoonigan and Formula Drift—plus your typical festival diversions—there was plenty to see and do while the sun was still up.

Wondering what this new consumer-oriented addition to SEMA Show week was all about? Here’s an early afternoon sampling:

Custom Jeep with trailer

The walk in was lined with project vehicles from the SEMA Show, from traditional to truly custom.

A Daytime Walk Through SEMA Fest | THE SHOP

This special delivery was gleaming in the desert sun.

Color-change Mercedes-Benz

The color change on this Benz was drastic.

SEMA Fest mascot

By way of introduction, this is the SEMA Fest mascot.

SEMA Fest hemet building

The helmeted logo could be found as a shade spot …

SEMA Fest balloon

On balloons …

Mascot playing cornhole

And even tossing bags with festivalgoers.

Woman gets an airbrushed tattoo

What’s the best way to prepare for a day at the festival? How about with an airbrushed tattoo.

Nitro Circus jumper

First up were the flying aerialists of Nitro Circus.

Nitro Circus jumper

Not much to add here — just an excuse to show another cool jump.

Good Boy Daisy

Back on the ground, SEMA Show fave Good Boy Daisy brought the tunes to SEMA Fest in the midday sun.

Formula Drift single car

Meanwhile, in the far corner, Formula Drift was burning rubber.

Formula Drift dual cars

Yes, Las Vegas still allows smoking.

Hoonigan car

Hoonigan made a splash during SEMA Show week and kept it going at SEMA Fest.

Hoonigan carcaine T-shirt

Bad Dad Joke: I bet you get your supply from a “car-tel,” ha-ha!

A Daytime Walk Through SEMA Fest | THE SHOP

The brand’s fans can’t get enough of the merch, the cars and the attitude.

Hoonigan gymkhana

Bottom line: If you were a set of tires, you weren’t going to last long this day.

Painting a shipping container

Since it was a festival, it wasn’t all about cars. These artists were making this shipping container beautiful.

Motorcycle lesson

Meanwhile, others were learning how to ride a motorcycle.

SEMA Fest exit mural

You could feel the excitement just beginning. Unfortunately, an airplane called and it was time to head off into the sunset. Until next year, SEMA Fest!


Of course, organizers stuck around for the entire two days, and generously shared some extra images.

Hoonigan jump
Photo courtesy SEMA Fest

As you can see, the fun kept rolling through both days.

Hoonigan flames
Photo courtesy SEMA Fest

The nighttime got hotter.

Third Eye Blind
Photo courtesy SEMA Fest

And the music kept playing.

Fireworks after show
Photo courtesy SEMA Fest

It was an explosive end to an exciting week.


Jef White

Jef White is the executive editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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