Paper Drift Cars Race Through Papadakis Race Shop

May 20, 2020

Papadakis Racing on Tuesday released ‘Paper Drift,’ a stop-motion animated short film showcasing what happens when a top motorsport builder finds himself alone in his racing shop with nothing much to do.

In the film, legendary builder Stephan Papadakis takes the tools he has at hand to fold a fleet of racing cars out of paper. When he steps out to wash his hands, the cars come to life and set off through an elaborate in-shop race course.

“There are a lot of families looking for activities right now and we hope we can inspire them to get creative with whatever it is they have at home,” said Papadakis. “Even as we’re getting back to work in some places, there are still a lot of kids at home. My five-year-old son has a fleet of paper cars he’s playing with right now.”

The team also made available the paper model they used to create the cars in the film, which was originally created by Toyota and adapted for the project. Fans are encouraged to make and post their own cars on social and hashtag #PaperDrift to share them with the community.

Check out the video above to see the cars in action and click here to download templates to create your own paper drift car.