ZyCoat Fires up New Service to Protect Piping-Hot Engine Parts

ZyCoat has launched the ZyCoat Coating Services division to apply ZyBar high-temperature, thermal-dissipation coatings to engine components.

ZyBar coatings are corrosion-resistant to protect hot engine parts, including exhausts, manifolds, headers, turbos, intakes and inter-coolers. ZyCoat master technicians will inspect, prep and coat inside and outside the components with ZyBar. The parts are then cured and given a final inspection.

ZycCost is a HushMat company. ZyBar was designed to be a lightweight, heat-dissipating, hard-wearing coating that is easy to apply with a spray gun “right out of the can,” according to the company.

“HushMat has entered the aggressive engine-side thermal materials category with ZyBar Manifold & Exhaust Coating for thermal treatment in all engine components, and we now offer ZyCoat Coating Services to that enthusiast who may not have the time or tools to get the job done,” said Tim McCarthy, ZyCoat and HushMat founder and CEO. “ZyBar thrives in harsh, high-temperature header, exhaust and turbo environments, producing horsepower, torque and outstanding corrosion resistance without adding weight to the vehicle.”

McCarthy will be showing the full line of ZyCoat products and services at Back to the 50s in Minneapolis/St. Paul on June 21-23, and at the National Street Rod Association Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, on August 1-2.

ZyCoat products are made in the U.S.

For more information, contact ZyCoat or HusMat at 913-599-2600 or visit

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