X-Cart Announces Amazon Integration

The integration automates inventory & pricing information all in one place...

X-Cart announced it has integrated with Amazon, aimed at empowering businesses to expand reach and increase sales.

The integration will help clients building stores on the X-Cart platform as it will allow to automatically transfer product listings from their X-Cart stores to the Amazon store, as well as import orders from their Amazon stores onto the X-Cart platform, according to the company.

“X-Cart’s integration enables businesses to create a store and sell products on Amazon and sync it with our platform. The powerful e-commerce software provides necessary features for building and growing an online store, with advanced Amazon tools for managing listings, orders, inventory, and performance metrics—all from within X-Cart,” said Brad Bates, customer success manager at X-Cart.

X-Cart Announces Amazon Integration | THE SHOP

With the announced Amazon integration, X-Cart users will now be able to sell their products across multiple channels and manage orders received through these channels in one place. The integration will also feature the automation of inventory and price updates, synchronization of inventory, prices, order status and fulfillment between X-Cart and Amazon, among other features.

“The integration with Amazon is a milestone for X-Cart and our clients. This strategic collaboration brings together the robust capabilities of our eCommerce software and Amazon, providing businesses with new opportunities for growth,” said Jordan Checketts, COO of X-Cart.

X-Cart’s platform already features Amazon Pay which enables a payments module allowing retail customers to check out on the merchant’s site using payment methods from their account.

X-Cart, which has been focusing on the automotive aftermarket segment in recent years, launched several collaborations with industry leaders, further enhancing the capabilities of its platform for automotive retailers. Strategic partnerships with SEMA, ASAP, AutoSync, and Turn 14 Distribution underscore X-Cart’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and elevating the automotive online shopping experience.

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