WRAPSCON Prepares for 2024 Event

The convention is part of the larger Graphics Pro Expo in Long Beach, California...

WRAPSCON is preparing for its 2024 event as part of the larger Graphics Pro Expo June 13-15 in Long Beach, California. WRAPSCON invites wrappers, installers, manufacturers and suppliers from around the country to connect with the wrap industry.WRAPSCON Prepares for 2024 Event | THE SHOP

WRAPSCON provides various events for attendees including panels, competitions and courses on various materials and wrap techniques.

The Wrap Olympics invites 32 two-person teams to compete in an installers competition with 10 wrap-focused challenges.

WRAPSCON Prepares for 2024 Event | THE SHOP

The Meet the Masters @ WRAPSconnect panel on June 13 will dive into utilizing industry programs for training and tips for properly navigating the market. The 45 minute panel will also feature a 30 minute Q&A and wrap up with a happy hour for attendees.

WRAPSCON University offers attendees the chance to get hands on with professional installers and manufacturers to further their knowledge and develop skills. 

Graphics Pro & Graphics Pro Expo are sister companies of The Shop Magazine.

To learn more about WRAPSCON, click here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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