Wraps Visualizer is Latest Shop Tool from Avery Dennison

Avery DennisonAvery Dennison Graphics Solutions has debuted its new Online Visualizer Tool.

The new tool was developed in partnership with @XIX3D and immediately available. Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions unleashed the tool to help customers and installers render a project before it’s even begun. Installers can choose from a variety of vehicle options, from sports cars to trucks, and construct a custom project with the films in the Supreme Wrapping Film (SWF) portfolio and in the Conform Chrome Series.

With more than 120 colors available in the SWF portfolio, creativity can come to life with a combination of different mockups using the visualizer tool, according to Avery Dennison. Users can customize colors for the hood, body, mirrors and roof with the click of a button. An installer, for example, could provide a 3D view of a potential project with a matte hood and mirrors, coupled with a bold color on the body of the vehicle.

Visit to view the Online Visualizer Tool.

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