Willow Springs Raceway Goes Up for Sale

The longstanding racetrack has been owned by a single family since 1963...

A new report from Autoblog notes that Willow Springs Raceway is up for sale. The track, just an hour north of Los Angeles,has been operating since 1953 has been under a single family’s ownership since 1963.

Willow Springs Raceway Goes Up for Sale | THE SHOP

The 600-acre complex has benefitted from being one of the premier racetracks in the southern California area over the past two decades. The facility hosts seven different tracks and over 120 acres of off-road track. In recent years Willow Springs has been used for video shoots, racetrack photography, vehicle testing and vehicle reveals.

The asking price is not listed, as interested parties are expected to submit an offering memorandum to be considered. A recent land survey valued the complex at just over $2.5 million. Additional investment is expected to refresh the track and keep the racing surface viable over the coming years. 

Read the full report from Autoblog here. 

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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