Why Daystar Wants Customers to Walk Their Dogs

Daystar's VooDoo Offroad Leash for dogs (and not children).Daystar is now offering its VooDoo Offroad Leash for dogs.

“Is your hound or child* out of control? Then you will certainly appreciate this little bit o’ VooDoo,” the company stated in a product release.

The leash uses the same ½-inch Kinetic Recovery Rope the company offers to recover stuck UTVs.

“With a breaking point of 11,700 pounds and a tough UV, chew, and slobber resistant coating, these leashes are strong enough for any hound or child*,” the company stated.

VooDoo Offroad Leashes are available in VooDoo Green or Charcoal Black, have a loop handle on one end and an aluminum clasp on the other end to properly secure a dog.

And about that asterisk-”Daystar hopes everyone is in on the joke, but if not, the company seems prepared:

“Not seriously recommended for use on children (yeah, we actually have to say this).”

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