Who’s Running for the SEMA Board?

The SEMA Board of Directors election opens up for voting on May 8 through May 22. Only SEMA member organizations can vote.

Eight candidates are running for five open spots on the SEMA Board. Voters can place their vote for candidates in three separate board categories: manufacturers (two seats open), distributors/retailers (two seats open), and services (one seat open).

Organizations eligible for the vote will receive an email from SEMA Election Coordinator using the email address The email will provide an electronic ballot. It also will include a security code unique to each member company. All votes must be returned using the link provided. Each company may vote for candidates on the ballot in any of the categories. Voting credentials are sent via email to the primary contact for each SEMA member company.

Election winners will be announced May 25 and inducted as board members at the SEMA Installation Gala on July 20.

Questions can be directed to Timothy Johnson at

Visit the SEMA Board of Directors election page for more information.

Distributors/Retailers Category (Two Seats Open)

Donnie Eatherly

  • Donnie Eatherly, President of P&E Distributors Inc.

Eatherly’s Campaign Website

Eatherly’s Candidate Questionnaire

Eatherly’s Top Campaign Issues:

Nuture Relationships: “Let’s reach out to other industry leaders that are ahead of the change curve to learn anything that could prepare our members for the future. Councils are a very important part of SEMA; they have a wealth of energy, knowledge, enthusiasm and offer future leadership. If elected, I will work with the Board, staff and councils and try to harness that energy to foster that leadership for the benefit of all SEMA members.”

Expand SEMA Data Co-op Momentum: “I will use my experiences and data acquisition knowledge to help lead the board, staff and councils in ways to get more members involved. I will challenge them to think of new data-enhancing programs that will help fuel the growth of our industry in all channels of distribution.”

Monitor Legislation to Protect the Industry: “I am very passionate about our industry. Because of my knowledge and passion, I have been asked to speak at (U.S.) Senate and House press conferences in D.C. as well as the National Press Club. If elected, I will call on those federal and state legislators who write laws that affect our industry, like the RPM Act, CAFE standards, intellectual property rights, import/export, business tax reform and protect our off-roading abilities. I will call on these legislators with the same passion and conviction I demonstrated previously.”

  • Brian Lounsberry, CEO of Motovicity Distribution Who's Running for the SEMA Board? | THE SHOP

Lounsberry’s Campaign Website

Lounsberry’s Candidate Questionnaire

Lounsberry’s Top Campaign Issues:

Power of Data: “I can help SEMA members and manufacturers understand the rapidly changing shopping experience younger business owners and consumers are becoming accustomed to and now demand. Having accurate product data/media available online is an important key to success in today’s information age. Not making this a priority has the potential of allowing others to be the first to market with this information; the same information buying decisions are based on. Success is not about being first to market a product alone, the product information must be available at the same time as its release.  If not, there is an increased level of risk that includes having the product replicated by someone else who sees and takes advantage of that missed opportunity.”

Youth Engagement: “I would assist talented young business members within connecting to industry leaders and vice versa. Helping connect these groups can ensure the longevity of this industry, encourage collaboration in vehicle builds, media efforts, job creation and development, and in finding solutions to industry challenges such as governmental safety and emissions compliance and regulation.”

  • Jon Pulli, CEO of Turn 14 DistributionWho's Running for the SEMA Board? | THE SHOP

Pulli’s Candidate Questionnaire

Pulli’s Top Campaign Issues:

Adapt to the Future: “As a board member, I will focus on our industry’s ability to adapt to the future: emissions regulations and electric vehicles are areas where the small businesses that make up our industry need help to evolve.”

Protect The Industry: “Additionally, I will lobby for a federal statute which prevents auto part manufacturers, distributors or dealers from being held liable by federal, state or local agencies when regulations have been breached by individuals with their products. SEMA-member companies should not bear the burden when consumers use race-only products on the street.”

Healthy Sales Channels: “The dynamic shifts that have taken place in sales channels over the past decade also warrant focus. I have been centrally located as a wholesale distributor to witness how each manufacturer and retailer has adapted. Now more than ever, companies require sound policies in order to promote healthy sales channels and avoid leverage positions.”

Services Category (One Seat Open)

  • Tom Deery, COO & President of World Racing GroupWho's Running for the SEMA Board? | THE SHOP

Deery’s Campaign Website

Deery’s Candidate Questionnaire

Deery’s Top Campaign Issues:

Racing: “I have worked in racing for over 40 years and can use that experience to: provide a voice to a $6 billion market; promote membership in SEMA amongst stakeholders; connect and tailor SEMA resources for the racing community.”

Risk: “I have lived the dark side of our sport and can use that experience to: leverage my risk management skills to improve SEMA resources; deliver a real world understanding of the forces at play on the track; confront challenges to participants, enthusiasts and manufacturers.”

RPM Act: “I have deeply vested interest in protecting our sport and will use that passion to: fight for the passage of the rpm act; advocate for all SEMA member manufacturers; preserve the car culture that we all hold so dear.”

  • Dan Kahn, President & CEO of Kahn Media Inc.Who's Running for the SEMA Board? | THE SHOP

Kahn’s Campaign Website

Kahn’s Candidate Questionnaire

Kahn’s Top Campaign Issues:

Saving The Future: “The retirement of the Baby Boomer generation tied to a strong economy means most of our members are experiencing a boom time right now. Companies are growing and sales are strong as the last true ‘gearhead generation’ is in an economic position to build and buy collector vehicles, RVs, etc. However long term, I see the following challenges facing our industry.”

Communication: “We not only need new consumers, we also need to pivot and adapt to find ways to communicate with them and develop products they want. I believe we need to act quickly to push the research department to mine big data to help our members prepare for this. Global vehicle platforms, the continued demise of both manual transmissions and ICE engines and shifting young consumer tastes away from pre-72 domestic vehicles to 1980s-’00s Euro and Japanese vehicles are all going to change our market whether we like it or not, so we need to help our members prepare for it.”

Selling to Consumers: “A decade ago nearly all of our manufacturers sold through multi-step distribution. Now more than half sell direct to consumer and that number grows exponentially every year. This is not only effecting WDs and brick-and-mortars, it also creates new challenges (and opportunities) for the manufacturers. Proper MAP policies and enforcement, learning now the navigate the minefield of Amazon sales, e-commerce sales tactics and even taxation are all issues the industry is having to tackle quickly.”

Manufacturers Category (Two Seats Open)

  • Jamie Meyer, Performance Parts Program Manager for General MotorsWho's Running for the SEMA Board? | THE SHOP

Meyer’s Campaign Website

Meyer’s Candidate Questionnaire

Meyer’s Top Campaign Issues:

Racing: “As a SEMA Board of Directors member, I will work to fortify our performance rights, engage our youth and prepare a bright future for the automotive aftermarket.”

Coming Technologies: “Positioned in Detroit, I have seen the coming changes in the auto industry, and I know how these technologies are going to impact the aftermarket industry. A vote for me will ensure that SEMA has an expert on the board of directors helping us navigate this tumultuous time in our history.”

  • Kim Pendergast, CEO of Magnuson Products LLCWho's Running for the SEMA Board? | THE SHOP

Pendergast’s Candidate Questionnaire

Pendergast’s Top Campaign Issues:

Support SEMA Businesses: “As board candidate, I believe SEMA’s Board’s most important jobs are: helping SEMA members successfully build for the future; and leveraging SEMA’s organizational strength to build enduring partnerships with OEMs and government.”

Education: “SEMA should, if possible, protect us; if not prepare us; but always educate us.”

  • Steve Whipple, Vice President of EdelbrockWho's Running for the SEMA Board? | THE SHOP

Whipple’s Candidate Questionnaire

Whipple’s Top Campaign Issues:

Next-Generation Consumers: “The aftermarket has an aging consumer demographic with more consumers exiting faster than the youth entering. This is a key area we need to address to ensure we have another generation of skilled people to fill important organizational roles in order to keep our industry thriving.”

Regulatory Issues Education: “I would like to see SEMA help more with regulatory issues threating our industry. We need to assist and educate SEMA members on guidelines and best practices for operating in compliance with the EPA, CARB and state-specific issues like Proposition 65.”

Supporting Distribution Channel: “Finally, brick-and-mortar speed shops, accessories stores and aftermarket installation centers are closing at an alarming rate. We need to support the distribution channel at every level, from the wholesaler to the local speed shop, to stop this trend.”

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