Whiteline USA to Sponsor Team Jager Racing

Whiteline USA will sponsor Jager Racing in the 2019 race season. The Jager Racing Subaru STI will campaign in the Global Time Attack racing series.

Jager Racing will use Whiteline’s suspension components on the race car and will offer real world, competition-tested feedback, as well as collaborating on future Whiteline suspension research & development efforts, according to Whiteline USA.

Mark Jager of Jager Racing is the fastest Time Attack driver in North America, and was the fastest in street class and the modified/limited class when he competed in those events, according to Whiteline USA.

“Jager Racing’s crew-consisting of engine builders, tuners, suspension engineers and aerodynamicists-is one of the most respected in the industry. Whiteline USA is excited to partner with Jager racing to be a platform to expand both brands and to help Jager Racing in the pursuit of time dominance,” Whiteline USA stated in a news release.

Jager Racing’s 2006 Subaru STI, aka Honey Badger, is one of the most successful and recognizable Time Attack vehicles campaigning in the GTA series, according to Whiteline USA.

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