White Remains Most Popular Vehicle Color

Axalta Color TrendsApproximately four of every 10 vehicles on the road worldwide are painted white.

Axalta released its 66th annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, which shows white as the global leader in consumer vehicle color choice in 2018. At 38 percent, white held its top spot with a significant gap ahead of second-place black (18 percent) and a third-place tie between silver and gray (12 percent each).

Regionally, black and gray saw significant increases in notable areas. Black jumped in China (5 percent), Asia (3 percent), South Korea and Africa (both 2 percent). Gray gained ground in Africa (3 percent) and Europe (2 percent).

“We have witnessed an emerging trend toward warmer shades along with color combinations with black to challenge white’s position,” said Nancy Lockhart, Axalta global color marketing manager. “Although neutral spaces are the headliners, there is an indication of a return to color to change the automotive landscape. Blue is most popular outside the neutrals and holding strong at 7 percent of the market. Increases of orange and bronze are popping up and gaining interest.”

Regional highlights from the 2018 report include:

  • Asia: Even with a 1 percent drop, yellow/gold is most popular worldwide in India and China. Blue is being reimagined in Japan as an ecologically friendly shade. In Korea, black increased 2 percent.
  • Europe: Europe is experiencing an upward trend of gray with a 3 percent increase.
  • North America: Brown/beige experienced a 2 percent year-over-year increase-the biggest gain for any region.
  • Russia: The most popular region for brown/beige at 9 percent, Russia is followed by China at 7 percent.
  • South America: Red decreased one point to 8 percent, making this region second only to North America (9 percent).
  • South Africa: Orange showed an increase from 2017, and 3.6 percent of all vehicles fall into the Others category.

First published in 1953, Axalta’s report is the automotive industry’s longest running and most comprehensive color account.

Click here to access Axalta’s full Color Popularity Report.

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