Wharton Automotive Group Launches FTI Performance Parts

New performance torque converter & automatic transmission components warehouse located near Philadelphia…

Paul Lee, president of the Wharton Automotive Group, has announced the launch of FTI Performance Parts, a performance torque converter and automatic transmission parts warehouse.

Located in the Philadelphia suburbs, FTI Performance Parts will provide high-performance torque converter and automatic transmission components out of the state-of-the-art, 37,000-square-foot warehouse facility.

Wharton Automotive Group Launches FTI Performance Parts | THE SHOP

Lee welcomed Greg Samuel, founder of FTI Converters, and Ken Kelly Jr. to the roster for the new business venture.

“I’m over-the-top excited about this new venture.” Lee stated. “We, as a company, have been wanting to enter this automotive aftermarket space for a long time. Like our competitors, we’ve had a lot of trouble in the last few years getting parts on time for our torque converter and transmission business. So, we decided that with the right team, we can provide all of us in this market with quality parts, excellent customer service and the right prices. Having Greg and Ken Jr on our team gives me all the confidence in the world that we will deliver to our customers.”

FTI Performance Parts will provide components such as complete billet torque converter kits, billet stator assemblies, bolt-together and lock-up kits, according to officials. Race-proven and tested transmission components such as billet transbrake valve bodies, billet drums, billet shafts, complete aftermarket pump assemblies, SFI approved cases and bellhousings will also be available.

“Customer service is what we have to offer,” Samuel noted. “There are a lot of quality parts manufacturers out there, but no one will provide the level of service that we will provide. Being in this industry my entire working career has taught me that customer service is everything. We create relationships.”

FTI Performance Parts is officially open for business. A new website will be operational by the first of the year.

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