Washington, D.C. Auto Show Reports Attendance Increase

The Washington, D.C. Auto Show saw a 107% increase in year-over-year attendance, show officials reported.

“Ecstatic. That is how we feel. Ecstatic to see lines of guests wrapped around the outside of the Convention Center just waiting to come in. Ecstatic to hear the great return of investment our exhibitors experienced. Ecstatic to see what is to come within the industry and the show,” said John O’Donnell, president and CEO of the Washington, D.C. Auto Show. “This year our hats go off to the exhibitors. They filled their displays with their latest models, including prototypes of the newest additions to come; all while still recovering from a limited inventory.”

Additionally, manufacturers present at the show expanded their footprints at the Washington Convention Center and partnered with local dealers to provide the latest models for display, event organizers said.

According to the show’s management team, exhibitors exceeded their lead generation goals, including some tripling their desired target. The indoor and outdoor Ride N’ Drives from Hyundai, Toyota, and Pepco EVsmart generated nearly 10,000 total rides throughout the event, officials said, while the Art-of-Motion presented by Automotive Rhythms offered a display of custom rides, real-time art showcases, and exotic favorites from partnering local garages.

A.J. Hecht

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