VW Teases Harlequin Edition ID.3 for April Fools’ Day

The prank release left many enthusiasts dreaming of an official model announcement...

VW Teases Harlequin Edition ID.3 for April Fools' Day | THE SHOPVolkswagen jumped into the April Fools’ Day festivities with its own prank.

The manufacturer often releases an announcement on the annual holiday, but this year’s prank struck a chord with many VW enthusiasts, according to The Drive.

On March 28, VW released a teaser announcement hinting that the brand may revive its harlequin models. The harlequin models featured multicolored panels and are very sought-after for VW Golf collectors.

On April 1, VW released the reveal of the Electroluminescent ID.3 Harlequin Edition. The release was intended as an April Fools’ joke, but has left many VW enthusiast drooling for an official announcement. 

Read the full report from The Drive here.

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