VUHL Rolls Out Its New 05RR Supercar in Mexico City

Street-legal lightweight supercar manufacturer VUHL unveiled its new 05RR to an exclusive audience at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City ahead of the Race of Champions.

Designed for power, finesse and grip, almost every element has been enhanced from the brand’s first iteration, the 05.

“The VUHL 05RR is here. More exciting, more engaging and faster than ever before, this car is a real milestone in our company’s development,” said Iker Echeverria, VUHL technical director. “We have been listening to feedback, did some learning and quietly developed and evolved our offering for a number of years. The result is truly remarkable-a car that is devoid of restraint and an improvement in almost every area.”

Improvements began by reducing weight by 143 pounds to a maximum dry weight of 1,455 pounds, and weight distribution has been markedly improved. Power and torque output have increased, while a lightweight flywheel, lighter race clutch and full carbon wheels have significantly reduced rotational inertia and boosted engine performance.

The 05RR reaches 60 mph in 2.7 seconds from a full stop.

Mechanically, a lower powertrain position has lowered the 05RR’s center of gravity which-combined with a sequential paddle-shift gearbox, limited-slip differential and a track-focused suspension and steering system-improved grip.

Customers will also have the option to receive bespoke track-specific suspension setups and slick tires.

Interior improvements have been made to the dashboard and air intake to offer those in the cockpit a more engaging driving experience. Exterior aesthetics have added to the chassis’ overall performance, including a large, single-plane rear wing and carbon wheels.

An all-new, high-downforce setup on the 05RR affords the driver confidence on the throttle when cornering. The aerodynamic balance combined with the shift in weight distribution of 4 percent harnesses a total 1.8G of lateral acceleration.

The 05RR is now on sale worldwide with dealers in Europe, the U.S. and Mexico.

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