VP Aviation Established After Unleaded Fuel Breakthrough

Approval process enters into full-scale airplane engine testing…

A new project is taking flight.

Performance fuels company VP Racing Fuels Inc. has announced the formation of VP Aviation Inc. The new endeavor follows VP’s recent achievement in passing a significant milestone in unleaded aviation fuel development.

VP Aviation Established After Unleaded Fuel Breakthrough | THE SHOP

VP Racing recently passed a major hurdle in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) rigorous Piston Engine Aviation Fuels Initiative (PAFI), calling it the first-ever such effort to enter into full-scale engine testing since the FAA’s initiative to remove lead from aviation fuel began decades ago.

“The formation of VP Aviation Inc. is a response to this exclusive aviation fuel breakthrough,” said Alan Cerwick, president & CEO of VP Racing and president of VP Aviation. “This new company will allow for rapid global commercialization of the new fuel.”

Over the next 12-18 months, VP expects to have the only fuel to secure FAA fleetwide authorization for high-octane, unleaded fuel in general aviation piston aircraft, the company stated. Soon after, a gradual rollout would begin, leading to the eventual replacement of 100 Low-lead (100LL) and ultimately meeting the 300-million-gallon annual worldwide demand, VP predicted.

“Passing Stage Gate III of the FAA’s PAFI test plan moves this fuel into full-scale testing in a number of engines and aircraft that represent a broad spectrum of general aviation (GA) technologies and materials,” Cerwick added. “VP will work with original equipment manufacturers, pilots, distributors and regulatory bodies to seek authorization for the unleaded fuel for GA use to replace 100LL.”

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