VOXX Electronics Partners with DWFritz to Deliver Installed Power Solutions

VOXX Electronics Corp. has partnered with DWFritz to deliver installed power solutions in order to provide on-board, on-demand assistance in the event a vehicle owner needs it.

DWFritz is develops and manufactures assembly and inspection equipment.

“We have remained committed to bringing new products to our customers and are excited to introduce a new product line offering with the introduction of the VOXX Power Systems. This new line offers installed power solutions that provide on-board demand battery backup in the event a vehicle owner needs a boost,” said Aron Demers, senior vice president of VOXX Electronics Corp. “No longer do consumers need to reply on roadside assistance or portable jump packs to assist them when they have a dead battery.  The VOXX Power Systems will be here 24/7 whenever the need arises to jump a battery.”

The new VOXX Electronics Installed Power Solutions offers a safe and easy to use pre-installed, on-demand power source for car owners. The system activates manually or through Apps for Android and iOS devices, monitors battery health and sends notification alerts to a user’s smartphone or tablet, charges automatically, and cannot be overcharged, includes a built-in flash light, emergency flashers, USB charging ports and a plug-in for jumper cables for jumping other cars.

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