VOXX Electronics Debuts Taillight Replacement with Blind Spot Detection

VOXX Electronics Corp. (VEC) has expanded of its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) product line with the introduction of the Advent Factory Taillight Replacement with built-in blind spot detection. This system uses the latest in microwave sensor technology and includes rear cross traffic (RTC) and door opening warning (DOW), according to the company.

“The Advent Factory Taillight replacement with built-in blind spot detection analyzes the environment and warns the driver through audible and visual alerts of oncoming objects from both the driver and passenger side, providing an OEM experience for a fraction of the cost,” said Aron Demers, senior vice president of VOXX Electronics Corp. “Truck applications are the focus for our launch, as most aftermarket radar-based systems out today have a limitation on vehicles with metal bumpers. This system will be the industry’s first aftermarket blind spot application for the light-duty truck market.”

With a simple installation in mind, the Advent Factory Taillight is a clean and quick install, requiring no drilling or body modifications, according to VOXX. The sensor is preassembled in the replacement taillight, therefore reducing installation error of mounting the sensor.

This system is built to alert drivers of possible collisions that may occur due to lane changing maneuvers or other vehicles moving into their blind spot area, backing up in high traffic parking lots and/or roads, as well as alerting you of oncoming traffic when opening the vehicles door. Using enhanced radar algorithms and speed sense, this system reduces false alarms from objects outside of your blind spot, oncoming traffic and when moving at slow speeds.

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