VOXX Announces Semi-Finalists for Remote Start Dealer Promotion

VOXX Announces Semi-Finalists for Remote Start Dealer Promotion | THE SHOPVOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC) has named the semi-finalists for its U.S. and Canadian Remote Start Promotion that gives dealers a chance to win products from Klipsch, the company announced.

The Canadian promotion, which runs from July 1 to Dec. 31, will announce the ten winners at the end of the promotion, while the U.S. promotion, which runs from Sept. 1 to Feb. 28, 2024, will announce a semi-finalist each month. Those semi-finalists will then compete for the ten Klipsch prizes at the end of February. All of those not selected in the monthly drawing will carry over to the next month throughout the promotion, the company said.

“We are very excited to get back to promoting the remote start category with our dealers, and are very pleased with the initial dealer engagement, along with the increasing weekly product participation,” said Aron Demers, Senior Vice President, VOXX Electronics Corporation.

Prizes for the promotion include a variety of Klipsch home audio products, the company said.

The qualifying products include models from – Viper, Python, Avital, AutoStart, Prestige, AutoMate, Pursuit and more. To enter, the dealer registers on the website, and receives one entry per serial number for each of the qualifying products sold or installed.

“Our Remote Start Promotion covers all of the bases for our Dealers and Distributors with aggressive pricing, terms and product specials, and with the addition of the Klipsch promotion it gives back to the installers and/or salespeople who ultimately make it happen” said Demers.

The first semi-finalists for the U.S. promotion are:

  • Hassan Aljoudi – Access One Alarm and Audio
  • Cory Lacouture – Micorp
  • Jeremy Langley – Autosound
  • Mark McCormick – Micorp
  • Mark Quall – Dakota Automotive
  • Scott Rosen – Micorp
  • Jeremy Langley – Autosound
  • Scott Rosen – Micorp
  • Mark McCormick – Micorp
  • Mark McCormick – Micorp

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