Vintage Automotive Event Raises Awareness for Cancer, Men’s Mental Health

On Sept. 26, thousands of drivers took part in a new vintage automotive event, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive, organizers announced.

The first event of its kind, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive’s inaugural event focused on establishing flagship drives around the world to raise awareness and capture content within local communities, organizers said. With the premise that all drivers must be behind the wheel of a pre-1980s vehicle and be dressed to suit, the event successfully took place in over 145 cities and 55 countries around the world, connecting 4,000 drivers to its causes of prostate cancer and men’s mental health awareness.

The event raised over $200,000 for its charity partner Movember, a global organization focused solely on men’s health. The funds raised through The Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive will be directed toward prostate cancer research and men’s mental health programs.

“It’s been surreal to experience the success of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive within its first year. What we were able to achieve, along with the support from all our volunteers and participants, is exciting,” event Founder Mark Hawwa said. “We surpassed every expectation for our inaugural year, raising more than what The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride did in its first year as a fundraising event. We’re proud to be able to bring classic automotive enthusiasts together and continue building upon our passion for men’s health and motoring.”

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive will return on Sunday, Sept. 25, 2022.

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