Vigilante 4×4 Lists Rare 1980 Jeep Golden Hawk

The extensive frame-off build includes an upgraded AMC 360 engine & fuel injection…

Vigilante 4×4 announces the restoration of an iconic classic Jeep SUV.

Founders Daniel and Rachel van Doveren and their restoration experts out of Texas (dubbed JeepHeritage) offer a sunbeam-chasing screamer with the rare 1980 Golden Hawk.Rear of Jeep Golden Hawk

“In the vintage Jeep market, Golden Hawks are rare. Restoring a truck like this was fun for our team because Golden Hawks are a treasure and we took our time restoring this one,” said Daniel van Doveren. “This fully restored 1980 Golden Hawk is among the best surviving examples in the world, a stunning rig that instantly makes an impression out on the road.”

The Golden Hawk is a representation of Vigilante 4×4’s mission to reimagine vintage Jeeps, according to the company., with van Doveren overseeing the detailed restorations.

Jeep Golden Hawk Restoration

The SUV started with a frame-off restoration. The body was stripped to bare metal and carefully restored, then metalized for rust protection and repainted in the original color.

JeepHeritage restored and powder-coated the chassis and completely rebuilt the axles, transfer case, transmission and engine. The AMC 360 power plant was upgraded with a multipoint fuel injection system.

The build also includes all-around disc brakes and a custom stainless-steel exhaust system. All-new wiring, glass, seals, window actuators, gauge cluster, radio and clock were added to provide modern comforts in a period-correct aesthetic. 

Jeep Golden Hawk Interior

The crew meticulously recreated the Levi’s Jeep interior using classic stock Levi’s fabric and matching Moore & Giles leather in place of the Golden Hawk’s original vinyl.

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