VIDEO: Ringbrothers Burned by Chinese Counterfeiter

Jim and Mike Ring, co-owners and founders of Ringbrothers, have been engineering, designing and developing billet parts since they began their business more than 15 years ago. Now, they say they are the latest victims of counterfeited products.

“We wanted to let people know what was going on so they could be aware and purchase the real thing,” Mike Ring said. “We don’t want people getting swindled or equipping their vehicles that they’ve put so much time, energy and money into getting ruined because they used inoperative counterfeit products.”

Jim Ring added: “People are literally taking our products, making cheap, poorly engineered copies with inferior materials and passing them off as their own and we feel strongly that this isn’t right. It’s not right to us, it’s not right for the people we employ and it’s not right to consumers.”

Watch the video above for more information.

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