Varick Elected to SAE Board of Directors

Jeff VarickJeff Varick, president of Brandmotion, has been elected to the SAE International (SAE) Board of Directors. Varick will serve as a director through 2021.

“I have a background in working with industries going through disruption,” Varick said. “I’ve navigated all parts of the auto industry and our company is on the forefront of some interesting aspects that deal with how the auto industry is changing. I hope to help SAE be proactively on the forefront of our industry evolution.”

There are three distinct areas in which Varick aspires to move SAE and its members forward: Increased SAE relevancy to new mobility providers, more rapid development of life saving technology, and building the education and supply of engineers.

Varick brings three decades of experience across a vast array of industry specializations to the SAE Board, according to Brandmotion. Before forming Brandmotion, he held a wide variety of product development, business development and marketing strategy leadership roles within the global automotive industry, including director of new product strategy for Johnson Controls, new business development manager for GM International Operations in Zurich, Switzerland, and design engineer at GMs Design Studios in Warren Michigan.

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