UWS Tests Truck Boxes in New ‘Impossibly Strong’ Campaign

UWS Tests Truck Boxes in New ‘Impossibly Strong’ Campaign | THE SHOPUWS, a manufacturer and designer of USA-assembled truck tool boxes and accessories, has launched an all-new campaign dedicated to showcasing features of UWS tool boxes, namely their RigidCore foam-filled lid. The campaign features a number of videos in which UWS boxes are put to the test and subjected to power saws, tire spray, pressure washers and the entire weight of a full-size truck.

RigidCore is a patented technology that hinges around the concept of filling the aluminum lid with a hardening foam.

To test the RigidCore lid, UWS dropped a pickup truck on top, sawed a lid in half, sprayed the box with mud and followed it up with a stiff pressure-washing.

Click here to watch the test videos.

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