UWS Optimizes New Website

UWS has launched a brand new website. The site was “reinvented” with a new mobile-responsive platform, simplified navigation and an added vehicle lookup function, according to the CURT Group company.

The website now features large, modern lifestyle hero images on an uncluttered homepage. The new homepage layout calls out categories in an organized and easy-to-find design, according to the company.

“We’ve simplified taxonomy for a truly user-friendly experience,” UWS stated in a news release. “There are also links to other brands within CURT Group, providing easy access to our large profile of products. Further down, you will see the latest product releases and featured company videos. We’ve also added an extensive lifestyle section, giving visitors a chance to explore our products through their own preferred hobbies and interests.”

One of the key goals for the new UWS website was to create an SEO-optimized, unified platform that provides a user-friendly and inclusive navigational experience for all CURT Group brands, according to the company.

“We started by thinking from the user’s perspective, then worked our way backward. This led to the development of a more universally recognized taxonomy. Our new product categories are more recognizable by everyone, from shop owners and installers to consumers,” the news release continued.

Each category page has also been streamlined to be more product focused, made even more navigable by a new product attribute filtering system.

“The next key area of focus was our vehicle lookup tool,” The company stated in the news release. “In recent months, CURT Group has been taking great strides toward more comprehensive ACES and PIES data-¦This refined data has been implemented within our new site, along with a simplified, but more prominent, lookup menu. It is now easier than ever for our visitors to look up their vehicle by year, make and model to quickly find the parts that fit their vehicle.”

UWS is a manufactures and designs truck tool boxes and accessories.

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