UTI Announces Summer Ignite Program Dates

The program works to teach high school juniors about motorcycle & automotive repair...

Universal Technical Institute (UTI), the transportation, skilled trades, and energy education division of Universal Technical Institute, Inc., is bringing its Summer Ignite program back for 2024 in partnership with NAPA.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 67,700 average annual job openings for automotive service technicians and mechanics through 2032. Recognizing this demand, the Summer Ignite program was established in 2018 to allow high school juniors to explore careers in automotive or motorcycle repair.

By offering a three-week introductory course at no cost, the program addresses the workforce gap and serves as a gateway for students to learn about these career fields.

UTI Announces Summer Ignite Program Dates | THE SHOP

Students who pass the end-of-course exam(s) have the added benefit of earning credit toward their future program if they enroll in UTI, helping offset cost of education.

Evidence shows that the program has inspired students to choose these careers. Nearly 50 percent of the participants in 2023 chose to pursue automotive or motorcycle repair careers after completing high school by enrolling in a Universal Technical Institute program.

“As the demand for skilled technicians remains strong, and Gen Z is considering educational paths outside of a traditional four-year degree, Summer Ignite is a valuable opportunity for hands-on training that exposes students to hands-on, technology-driven careers,” said Universal Technical Institute Division President Tracy Lorenz. “This annual program underscores our commitment to cultivating more talented technicians for this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.”

Since 2021, UTI and NAPA have partnered to support the future of those in the transportation and aftermarket auto repair industries. As part of the program, NAPA is providing all Summer Ignite students with three uniform shirts free of charge.

“Today’s job market is full of uncertainty, and industries keep changing. But one thing we know is that automotive technicians are in demand and enable young people to take control of their career path in a meaningful way,” said Genuine Parts Company North America Group President Randy Breaux. “We’re proud that our continued work with UTI can help solve the demand for skilled technicians.”

Applications for the three-week-long Summer Ignite program are now open at various locations around the country.

For further details or to enroll, click here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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