Updated BOLT Website Boasts New Features

BOLT Lock updated its website in January. The redesign is increasingly user- and mobile-friendly, according to the company.

The newest site features allow customers to select the year, make and model of their vehicle directly on the homepage in order to view and select the best available BOLT locks. Part numbers as well as fitments are listed on the product details page along with a link to a store finder so users can easily find where they can purchase the locks, according to the company.

The BOLT Lock website now includes sections showcasing products for specific use applications, such as towing, off-roading, and outdoor activities. This additional feature better allows users to locate which locks are best suited for their specific needs and applications.

“We wanted to make the BOLT Lock website as user friendly as possible, whether customers are using their phones, tablets or computers,” said Erika Marquez, national sales manager for BOLT Lock. “When we updated, we also included information on our retail partners so that customers can easily find where they can go to purchase whichever locks they need.”

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