Unsure Future for the Supra

The joint project with BMW loses its manufacturing plant...

A recent report from Autoblog states the Toyota Supra is preparing for the end of its production run. The Supra was announced to much fanfare in 2019, after Toyota had gone nearly 20 years without a Supra model. The report noted that the co-project with BMW has not been as successful as either brand had hoped for.

Unsure Future for the Supra | THE SHOP
Photos Courtesy of Toyota Pressroom

Since the introduction of the Supra and BMW’s Z4 in 2019, the models have struggled to capture market share from the ever-popular Mazda Miata. In 2021, Mazda sold over 10,000 Miata models which was also the best year sales for the new Supra at just over 6,000 models.

Toyota has commented that although BMW’s manufacturing plant is ending production of the Z4 / Supra, the brand is currently looking for other options to continue to uphold the longstanding nameplate.

Some sources indicate this may hint at the recent co-developed engine projects from Toyota, Subaru and Mazda. 

To read the full report from Autoblog, click here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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