UEM Pistons Announces New Director of Product Development

UEM pistons
Nick D’Agostino was named the new director of product development at UEM Pistons.

United Engine & Machine Co. has announced the addition of Nick D’Agostino as its director of product development. In his new role, Mr. D’Agositino will manage the development of both cast and forged piston applications. With over 19 years in the automotive industry, D’Agositino’s core competency rests firmly in performance racing, which is an asset for the promising ICON Forged Piston line up. He will also helm of developments for product lines like Silivolite Pistons and KB Hypereutectic Pistons, as well as reintroduce the new Dualoy Diesel Piston line up.

UEM’s Vice President Christopher Sulprizio couldn’t be more pleased with the addition of D’Agostino to his team saying, “I am putting the industry on notice that UEM is quickly evolving. Nick is one of those guys that has proven his value within the industry. By combining his expertise with our legacy of quality and innovation, UEM expects great things over the years to come.”

Looking forward to the opportunity, D’Agostino only reinforces Mr. Sulpizio’s vision by saying, “I look forward to the opportunity to work with the UEM Team and the Sulprizio family,” D’Agostino continued, “UEM has been in business for nearly 100 years, which is a testament to the quality of product, and character of people that represent this company. I am humbled to join their team.”

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