Two Big Names in Racing Seek to Sponsor Grassroots Race Team

Two heavy hitters in the racing community, inTech Trailers and, have joined forces for Max the Tach III. The duo is looking to sponsor a grassroots race team in 2019, granting them access to a one-of-a-kind inTech trailer for the 2019 race season.

This year’s Max the Tach trailer is a custom built 28-foot inTech car hauler with a retail value in excess of $55,000.

This year marks the third time inTech has participated in the Max the Tach program, tapping into RacingJunk’s massive motorsports audience, accoreidng to the company., the flagship website of Motorhead Media, is a one-stop shop for those looking to buy, sell, trade or interact with people throughout the automotive and racing and performance communities. The site has more than 900,000 registered members and 2 million visits each month, according the company.

RacingJunk will promote Max the Tach III throughout its various marketing avenues.

“We’ve always enjoyed giving back to the grassroots racers; they don’t have the big unlimited budgets that some teams have, and it’s always nice to find a way to support their efforts. The Max the Tach program is a great opportunity for one fortunate team to pick up a great sponsorship,” said Rich Schnippel of inTech.

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