Turn5 Names Scholarship Winners

Turn5, Inc. has announced three new scholarship winners for the spring 2021 semester. Turn5 is the parent company of ExtremeTerrain (XT), AmericanMuscle (AM), and AmericanTrucks (AT), each with its own unique scholarship program. Based on original essay submissions, the Philadelphia-based e-commerce retailer has selected MyKenna Zettle, Andrew Pankratz, and Daniel Hartman to receive $2500 towards their tuition fees for the upcoming semester.

Daniel Hartman from the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is the recipient of AM’s $2,500 auto-focused scholarship program. Hartman’s interest in cars was piqued at an early age watching his father do engine work and help his friends mod their vehicles. Eventually, this inspired him to take performance classes as UTI. Fueled by his passion and curiosity, Hartman aspires to apply his education to do outstanding work while working toward his goal of making an all-electric American muscle car.

Andrew Pankratz is AT’s scholarship winner and will receive $2,500 towards his spring 2021 tuition. Pankratz’s essay focused on how he plans to use his education to contribute to a thriving community of trade workers who are dedicated to a hands-on approach to learning. Pankratz is a fourth-generation woodworker who is turning his passion into a career by majoring in Architectural Carpentry at the American College of the Building Arts.

XT’s scholarship is awarded to students pursuing biology or a related environmental studies degree. In response to the essay question, Zettle, from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, talked about her interest in translational ecology and her own experiences growing up in rural Pennsylvania. She believes that “science should be made accessible for any audience, no matter their socioeconomic or educational background.” Zettle’s $2,500 award will be applied towards her double-major in environmental studies and biology.

Turn5 unveiled its first scholarship program in 2013 and since then has given $117, 000 to students across the United States. The XT, AM, and AT scholarship programs are awarded bi-annually with application deadlines in June and October. Interested high-school seniors, or full-time university/college/tech students pursuing relevant degrees, are invited to send in their essays for the fall 2021 semester.

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