Turn 14 Distribution Releases Plan to Combat Industry Backorders

Turn 14 Distribution Releases Plan to Combat Industry Backorders | THE SHOPTurn 14 Distribution has released its plan to secure increased on-hand inventory prior to its recent acquisition of Motovicity Distribution and remedy inventory shortages from several manufacturing partners as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In anticipation of our acquisition of Motovicity Distribution, we prepared for this by bolstering our already substantial on-hand inventory to support anticipated increased demand adequately,” explains Jon Pulli, CEO, Turn 14 Distribution. “We’ve expanded our normal standing inventory levels by 50 percent to ensure that we have enough inventory on hand to satisfy customer requirements and also to cover production delays from manufacturers affected by COVID-19.”

The distributor has backorders from the majority of its manufacturing partners totaling tens of millions of dollars in inventory waiting to be shipped.

“The extremely high number of backorders before we acquired Motovicity Distribution was already a concern for our purchasing and sales staff,” Pulli says. “The resulting shelter-in-place orders throughout the U.S. and the world have seen supply shortages decimate our supply chain. As a distributor committed to stocking inventory, we’ve taken extreme measures to ensure our customers and partners know that we are committed to supporting the industry and its rebound.”

Earlier this year, Turn 14 Distribution signed a definitive agreement under which it acquired substantially all of Motovicity’s assets. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Turn 14 Distribution and all three of its distribution centers have been fully operational, with precautionary measures in place to ensure employee and customer safety and adhere to OSHA and CDC protocols.

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