Turn 14 Distribution Offers MOTON Suspension, AST Suspension Civic Kits

The adjustable systems are available for Honda Type R (FL5) models…

Performance parts distributor Turn 14 Distribution offers adjustable coil-over kits for Honda Civic Type R (FL5) models from AST Suspension and MOTON Suspension. Various options, designed to maximize grip for performance driving, cover the gamut from spirited street adventures to competitive track duty.

Turn 14 Distribution is the exclusive U.S. distributor for AST and MOTON.

Each AST Suspension adjustable coil-over system is assembled in-house and tested on the road and track. Its 5100 Series targets primarily street-driven Type R’s that see occasional track use and is compatible with OEM Honda top mounts. A 60N/mm spring is standard up front with 40N/mm in the rear.

The 5200 Series was designed for more serious performance, employing 120N/mm front springs and 80N/mm rear while introducing an external reservoir and camber-adjustable front top mounts.

The most control over the Type R’s suspension is achieved with the 5300 series, delivering three-way rebound, low-speed and high-speed compression adjustability. All kits feature inverted dampers and true rear coil-overs.

MOTON’s race-ready two- and three-way kits are engineered for endurance and embody the company’s racing heritage. Developed using precise tooling with strict tolerances, the motorsport-focused systems use a 22mm shaft reinforced by the company’s signature anti-sideload structure.

The two-way kit is upgradeable to a three-way kit for Type Rs needing additional adjustability.

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