Turn 14 Distribution Curbing Shipping Time and Costs with New Distribution Center

Turn 14 Distribution has opened its third distribution center. The 272,000-square-foot facility, fully operational on Aug. 24, is strategically-located in Arlington, Texas.

The technology integrated into this facility was perfected with the opening of Turn 14 Distribution’s Hatfield, Pennsylvania distribution center in 2017. All the logistics and technology utilized at the company’s east and west coast facilities have been implemented in the new distribution center.

“In an effort to improve shipping costs and transit times, Turn 14 Distribution’s operations and logistics departments have spent the last 18 months setting up a three-facility distribution network,” said Jon Pulli, Turn 14 Distribution’s CEO. “As a result of our experiences with the opening of our Hatfield distribution center, systems in Arlington have been significantly improved. These efficient systems can accept a larger variety of product and will have additional error-reducing checks, enabling output to increase dramatically.

“As the modern marketplace continues to develop and customers’ demands on the supply chain continue to increase, Turn 14 Distribution is eager to establish itself as the most-committed partner in fulfilling these lofty requirements.”

Turn 14 Distribution’s third distribution center is strategically located in Arlington, Texas to further the company’s mission of continuously improving ways to serve customers, according to the company. The distributor will now offer reduced transit times and additional inventory.

“At face value, the Arlington facility expands our geographic footprint and square footage, reduces transit times, and builds on our knowledge and experience with automation and logistics. Turn 14 Distribution customers and suppliers will immediately see increased inventory capacity and shorter lead times at the high level of service they have come to expect,” said Chris Candido, Turn 14 Distribution’s chief technology officer. “Beyond the obvious improvements, the technology and integration implemented in this facility, which mirrors our other distribution centers, serves as a platform that enables us to innovate in ways the industry hasn’t seen yet. These are advantages that come from end-to-end integration and in-house software development, and will set the bar for distribution in our industry.”

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