Turn 14 Distribution Adds USWE to the Line Card

The adventure pack manufacturer develops bounce-free packs with "No Dancing Monkey" technology...

Performance parts distributor Turn 14 Distribution has brought on USWE, a frontrunner in the adventure pack market.

“USWE has continued to push for innovation in the outdoor apparel and adventure pack space. The company’s eye for continued product improvement and dedication to making quality products for its customers align with our core values, making this a fantastic partnership we are excited to establish. We are also proud to say that Turn 14 Distribution will be exclusive with their high-quality apparel line,” said James Kramer, divisional purchasing manager, Turn 14 Distribution.

Turn 14 Distribution Adds USWE to the Line Card | THE SHOP

USWE was created by off-road motorcycle riders in Sweden tired of their backpacks bouncing around on the rough trails. This frustration led to the innovation of the USWE bounce-free backpack, utilizing its now award-winning “No Dancing Monkey” technology.

Since then, the company has brought its inventive approach to design into other products, including hydration packs and its new Lera apparel collection.

The USWE team comprises athletes and adventure seekers who use their real-life experiences to help develop products. The company has won multiple awards for its cutting-edge designs, including the Design & Innovation Award, Scandinavian Outdoor Award, and German Design Award.

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