Turn 14 Distribution Adds Dunlop to Line Card

The tire manufacturer has been producing car & motorcycle tires since 1920...

Performance parts distributor Turn 14 Distribution has partnered with Dunlop to bring its powersports dealers a wider selection of tires.

“Dunlop is a prolific name with a dedication to innovation that parallels Turn 14 Distribution’s. The company’s full century of experience has resulted in various new technologies that revolutionize tire compounds and construction. As a name synonymous with motorcycle racing, our powersports dealers hunting for the best-performing rubber have been eagerly awaiting the addition of Dunlop to our line card,” said Alex Lesslie, divisional purchasing manager, Turn 14 Distribution.

Turn 14 Distribution Adds Dunlop to Line Card | THE SHOP

Dunlop began its motorcycle tire manufacturing in 1920, when it developed the first motorcycle tire to use Kevlar belts. Its roots in U.S.-based manufacturing also began around the same time, establishing a manufacturing facility in Buffalo, New York, that the company continues to operate today.

Dunlop’s reach is global, enabling the company to pull from substantial resources and knowledge, officials noted. Continuous research and development have led to more industry firsts, such as its Geomax series’ block-in-a-block technology and MT Multi-Tread technology that combines different compounds into a single tire to optimize long mileage along with cornering grip.

The company is known for providing riders with quality rubber for the street, track and off-road, officials stated. Casual motorcyclists trust Dunlop to provide reliable, long-mileage tires, and professional racing series recognize the brand for its consistent performance.

Dunlop has been the spec tire for AMA’s MotoAmerica, most recently with its Sportmax Slick tire. The company also supports riders in Grand National Cross Country with its Geomax off-road tires.

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