Turn 14 Distribution Adds Continental Tire to Line Card

The world's oldest tire manufacturer operates 22 plants in 17 countries...

Performance parts distributor Turn 14 Distribution has added Continental Tire to its line card, widening its selection of performance motorcycle tires.

“Initially gaining recognition in the automotive sector, Continental Tire has diversified its product range to cater to various industries, including powersports. As the world’s oldest independent tire manufacturer, Continental has set industry standards with its innovative spirit and engineering strength, constantly improving tire safety, efficiency and sustainability.” said Alex Lesslie, divisional purchasing manager, Turn 14 Distribution.

Turn 14 Distribution Adds Continental Tire to Line Card | THE SHOP

Continental’s global legacy of German engineering is evident through its 22 manufacturing plants in 17 countries, ensuring precision and quality. Rigorous multi-stage quality control processes, encompassing visual inspection, X-ray examination and tire uniformity checks, guarantee the highest standards, according to the company.

With a focus on technology and innovation, Continental’s 150-year passion for tires has propelled safety advancements, contributing to the future of mobility across diverse applications worldwide.

The commitment extends to its comprehensive range of motorcycle tires, designed for various riding styles and applications, showcasing Continental’s dedication to meeting the unique needs of riders and contributing to their safety and optimal performance, officials stated.

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