Turn 14 Distribution Adds Avon Tires to the Line Card

The powersports tire manufacturer has been making tires since 1904...

Performance parts distributor Turn 14 Distribution has broadened its range of motorcycle tires by partnering with Avon Tyres.

“A rich history in racing has proven Avon Tyres’ ability to produce competent roadgoing tires. By combining traditional manufacturing techniques with modern processes and compounds, it serves a wide range of motorcycle types, giving Turn 14 Distribution’s dealers a competitive advantage. Avon Tyres is focused forward while embracing its history, and we are thrilled to be a part of its future,” said Alex Lesslie, divisional purchasing manager, Turn 14 Distribution.

Turn 14 Distribution Adds Avon Tires to the Line Card | THE SHOP

Since 1904, Avon Tyres has been designing and manufacturing high-quality tires in the United Kingdom. Throughout its century of experience, the company has dominated racetracks on both two wheels and four, according to a company statement.

“Chasing championships serves as rigorous real-world research and development propelling the technology found in Avon’s road-going motorcycle tires, resulting in unparalleled quality and ability,” the company stated.

Avon Tyres offers state-of-the-art motorcycle rubber for hypersport applications, like its 3D Supersport line, as well as stylish, stable touring tires such as the Cobra Chrome that inspire confidence in all weather conditions.

The company also develops classically styled tires constructed of modern compounds, like the Speedmaster MKII for vintage choppers and café racers. Avon Tyres’ products are thoroughly tested and manufactured in the UK.

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