TriMotive Next-Gen Trailer Electronics Module Offered to OEMs

Horizon Global and its OEM division TriMotive have developed a next-generation trailer electronics module for the OEM market. TriMotive has been actively working with a leading OEM to integrate the new product offering into a vehicle that will launch in calendar year 2020. The new electronics module will bring significant technical improvements over current systems offered to OEMs and will additionally provide for future expansion that will integrate sensing technology, such as the company’s Westfalia TTA angle sensor and other advanced add-ons, according to Horizon.

“This new product is expected to play a key role in simplifying vehicle integration and overall system complexity, which is intended to bring significant savings to the customer, reduce warranty costs, and enhance the end-user experience,” said John Aleva, president of Horizon Global Americas.

This technological advance in trailering was several years in the making and is the first of its kind in the industry, according to Horizon Global.

“Securing this product award with one of our leading OEM customers is due not only to the innovation of our products, but also to the execution of Horizon Global’s talented TriMotive team,” said TriMotive, vice president and general manager Mike Sislo. “I am proud of the advances we continue to make at Horizon Global and pleased that we can bring continued innovations to our OE customers as the Company’s TriMotive division.”

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