ToyMakerz Television Show Launches New Digital Experience

ToyMakerz has partnered with the interactive experience pioneers at Source Digital to launch a ToyMakerz companion app and website for a complete digital experience that connects fans to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, specs about builds, and deals. The ToyMakerz nation can finally watch their favorite automotive build series totally synched up like never before. Available now in the iTunes and Android store, the ToyMakerz app lets fans interact with the cast, score exclusive deals on anything they see on the screen while they are watching the show live, share pictures of their own rides, and even offers a chance for pictures of viewer toys to appear on the show this season, according to producers.

The second season of ToyMakerz premiered Nov. 10 on Velocity Network at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST, with re-airs on Saturday at 10 a.m. EST.

ToyMakerz is for viewers that like exotic, rare vehicles. Driven by the life and creations of former stunt man and owner of ToyMakerz, David Ankin, the series follows his team as they bring unrivaled ingenuity and a unique skill set to motorized builds. Ankin’s team is well versed in the creation of one-off specialized vehicles from race cars, custom motorcycles (both V-twin and sport bikes), trucks and unique reverse trikes. Anyone looking for a motorized vehicle that is unmatched in its class, calls on ToyMakerz.

Working closely with Source Digital, the ToyMakerz crew was able to create a world of ToyMakerz. With the sync feature, the app can be used simultaneously while watching the show, to recognize specific scenes or anytime when not in sync. Now, with a touch of a button, viewers can engage with brands and products they see on screen by pressing sync, or by looking in the Meet the ToyMakerz section, essentially shopping the show and allowing the audience to dive into the ToyMakerz garage and enhancing the viewer experience with new digital brand integrations. This companion app opens up unlimited opportunity for viewers to discover show related content, create viewer-activated personalized video experiences and share show favorites.

“I’m a ToyMaker, you’re a ToyMaker, we are all ToyMakerz and now you have your own app to share your toys with us for a chance to hang with us on set,” said David Ankin, who is passionate about his craft and excited to open up his world to viewers.

For more information about ToyMakerz, visit and download the app to access ToyMakerz Nation.

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